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Calambour  is a well-established Italian company, founded in 1995 and leader in the production of paper and products for decoupage and decoration.

Through close collaboration with the best Italian and international illustrators, and the constant desire to create trends through unique and sophisticated illustrations, Calambour has always managed to be one step ahead of its competitors, confirming its leadership in the hobby and craft field.

The excellent quality of materials and designs, decreed its success among the general public, and has confirmed Calambour as world market leaders.

Thanks to constant updating of its products for the hobby and craft markets, Calambour has always been able to provide quality and excellence to its customers.

Over the years, indeed, to the production of decoupage paper was flanked by products developed to meet the new and constant market requests: stencils, mortars, acrylic paste, colors and products for the decoration of furniture, and so on.

Calambour is also able to offer its customers customized printing solutions and not necessarily related to the field of decoration, such as posters, postcards, brochures and more.

PLEASE NOTE: Calambour is a business-to-business manufacturing company that does not sell to final consumers, its main customers are international dealers and distributors.

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