DGE 30,4 x 45 cm
DGR 30,4 x 42,5 cm
Calambour and Audrey Hepburn™
This Digital Collection, with its bright and romantic papers, well represents the Shabby style, especially thanks to the portrait of a unique icon: Audrey Hepburn.
Thanks to Sean Ferrer and Luca Dotti we got the opportunity to use a real picture of such great icon, picture that, we are sure, you will use to create elegant, refined and unique hand-made objects.

  • Pattern: Victorian pink roses, rosebuds and butterflies on decorated background.
  • Pattern: Victorian roses on white background and young woman looking in the mirror.
  • Pattern: vintage fashion and perfumes ads with pink carnation flowers, butterflies and a portait of a young woman.
  • Pattern: lilies of the valley and pink carnations on white background. Portrait of a woman putting on lipstick while looking herself in the mirror on a green and white background decorated with flowers.
  • Pattern: big white and pink carnation flowers, background with pink stripes and fuchsia border with people and trees silhouettes.
  • Pattern: pink, white and fuchsia carnation flowers, buds and labels on white background. Portrait of a blond woman on a background with pink and white stripes.
  • Pattern: colorful butterflies and white and pink anemone flowers on a white background decorated with flowers.
  • Pattern: Audrey Hepburn, Belgian actress and ballet dancer.
  • Pattern: colorful birds on twigs with peach flowers. Background decorated with flowers, white lace, ribbon and pink borders.
  • Pattern: pink, blue and white birds on a twig with peach flowers. Pink polka dot background and a second background decorated with flowers and other ornaments.
  • Pattern: colorful birds and floral arrangement with roses, rosebuds, dahlia flowers and chrysanthemum on light blue decorated background.
  • Pattern: roses and rosebuds on green polka dot background. Small decorative flowers on light green background.
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