Trend Collection - Provençal Shabby

///Trend Collection - Provençal Shabby

TCR from 33 x 48 cm to 34,5 x 49,5 cm printed on mulberry paper 20 g/m²
The “Provencal Shabby” collection is inspired by Provencal style.
Floral designs are combined with pastel colors in order to give to your creations a chic and romantic taste.
Among the subjects you can find herbs and perfumes, typical elements of this area of France.

  • Soggetto: decorazioni provenzali - campanelle viola, texture a pois e rigato, bordatutra di pizzo e scritte. Pattern: provencal patterns - purple trumpet flowers, texture with polka dots and stripes, lace bands.
  • Pattern: provencal herbs - rosemary, sage, laurel, origan, parsley.
  • Soggetto: decorazioni provenzali - rose rosa, ghirlanda di fiori, scritte, bordatura di pizzo e texture con pois, rombi e righe. Pattern: provencal patterns - pink roses, floral wreath, writings, lace bands and texture with polka dots and stripes.
  • Pattern: provencal patterns - perfumes and perfume labels.
  • Pattern: provencal patterns - branches with yellow roses and plums, garland, phrases in French, labels and lace bands.
  • Pattern: provencal patterns - yellow roses, flowers, lavender flowers and phrases in French.
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